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Shoe Rack Organizer

Over The Door Shoe Rack

When you’ve completely run out of shelf and floor space in your room, and you’ve already filled virtually every plausible nook and cranny with your shoes, but you still have some pairs that you need to store, you can probably find the additional space you need on your doors. You just have to create some sort of shelving or racking on it. An easy way to do that is to use an over the door shoe rack organizer. The neatest thing about this type of shoe rack is it doesn’t require you to clear up any more floor area than what you already have available, as it is suspended above ground. This makes for an all the more sleek and efficient living space.

Whitmor makes a really good over the door shoe rack organizer, model 6486-1746-WHT.

It has large dimensions, measuring 21.36 x 76.50 inches, which we love. Because if you are going to convert your door to a storage unit, you might as well utilize as much space on it as possible. Notice how this shoe rack spans almost the entire width and length of the door, creating enough extra storage space to accommodate up to an additional 36 pairs of shoes! The depth of the shelving only measures around eight inches so although it has a large storage capacity, it’s actually one of the shoe racks on the market that takes up the least amount of space.

This over the door shoe rack organizer is very easy to setup and install. Assembly only takes a few minutes and there are no tools required. Most customers that have commented on this said they were able to do it in ten to fifteen. The bars just snap into place without the need for screws. Just hang the unit over the top of any door and you’re done! It has slim hooks that will slide easily into the small space between the door and door frame, allowing for seamless unobstructed operation. Plus it has grip pads on the back that will prevent it from sliding about as you open and close your doors. This ensures that it will stay on, as well as not scratch your door. Furthermore, the frame itself is constructed out of steel bars and high quality plastic, and also has a special non slip coating, so overall it is extremely sturdy.

It has a total of 12 bars so you should be able to fit about three pairs of shoes per bar. We really like how each bar is able to fold up, which is quite helpful when needing to place larger sized shoes, such as boots and high tops.

The Whitmor 36 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack Organizer has a regular price of $40, but there are many online retailers that will sell it for around $30.

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Stackable Shoe Rack Organizer

The modular design of stackable shoe rack organizers makes them highly versatile, and able to accommodate an ever growing and ever changing shoe collection. You can start out small by getting one unit if you own only a couple pairs of shoes. As you accumulate more shoes you can buy additional rack units and stack them on top each other to create extra storage space.

One very popular model is the Seville Classics SHE15905 Stackable Shoe Rack Organizer.

Each module measures 26.5 W x 12.2 D x 19.1 H inches, and has three shelves to give you ample room to fit around nine pairs of shoes. You can even store additional pairs of shoes underneath the bottom shelf. Although they won’t be above ground, it will still be a nice spot to keep them as they will at least be able to keep them organized all in one place with the rest of your pairs.

This is one of the most well made shoe rack organizer units that we’ve seen. The wide base keeps it nice and sturdy and the unit won’t wobble or tilt. Furthermore, it has a solid iron frame construction, sure to hold up to several pounds so it won’t sag like other shoe racks start to when loading them to full capacity, or after a few weeks. The sharp lines and the metallic structure of this rack make for a nice modern industrial look.

The mesh shelving is a nice addition. At first we thought it would diminish the overall quality of the unit. However, even with heavy shoes the mesh screening seemed to hold up rather well without any sign of warping. Plus this is actually a better type of shelving for customers who own high heels and stilettos. Many other comparable models, although with heavier gauge wire, will have large gaps in between the wire where shoes often become get stuck. On the other hand, the screened texture of the mesh creates a grippy surface to help keep shoes in place.

When you are ready to buy and install additional modules, all you have to do is connect the four rods on each module together. You can even choose to extend the shelving horizontally to span the walls of your room, which can look quite nice too. If you need to fit taller cut shoes, you have the option of removing some of the shelves. Assembly of these rack modules is very simple, easy, and quick. You don’t need any tools and it only takes a few minutes. Some customers have said it took them as little as five minutes to put together.If you are interested in purchasing the Seville Classics Stackable 3 Tier Shoe Rack Organizer, you can usually find it online for about $40 per module.

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Wooden Shoe Rack

Wooden shoe rack organizers have a charm and elegance about them that can rarely be matched shoe racks made from other materials. So it’s certainly worth considering purchasing wooden shoe racks to add some natural, rustic appeal to your room.

Honey Can Do makes a nice wooden shoe rack organizer, which we’ve shown below.This model is made out of bamboo, a type of wood that receives high marks all around. It is one of the most environmentally friendly woods because it can grow back quickly after being cut, making it one of the best renewable resources. For the end consumer, it provide excellent value because it is tough, durable, and requires little upkeep. Unlike many other wooden shoe racks, which are made out of cheap particle board that easily breaks and has cheesy veneer paper that only looks like real wood, this model’s wood is solid high quality bamboo through and through. And of course, it is a very beautiful type of wood that reflects the tranquility of nature, a far much warmer alternative to the contemporary industrial look of the chrome plated metallic shoe racks that have flooded the market as of late. This is actually something that you will want to display out in the open rather than hidden in your closet.

This wooden shoe rack organizer measures 27.5 x 10.25 x 15.75 inches, and has two tiers. It has a storage capacity of eight pairs of shoes. If you have more shoes than that, purchase additional units and set them side by side, or purchase Honey Can Do’s three tiered bamboo shoe rack, which measures 13 x 30 x 20 inches and can hold up to twelve pairs of shoes.

The slatted shelves allow shoes to breathe, so you’ll have a good place to get sweaty or rain drenched shoes off the ground to air out, which helps to extend their life. Bamboo is naturally water resistant so there is no need to worry about the rack being ruined by moisture damage or mold. These features make it the perfect shoe rack organizer for your mudroom, or next to your front door. The slatted construction also provides the side benefit of making the unit light yet solid.

Assembly is required but it is pretty straightforward and quick. It comes with all required screws and allen wrench to put it together, and most customers who have commented said they were able to build it in five to ten minutes.

If you are interested in buying these Honey Can Do bamboo wooden shoe rack organizers, you can usually purchase the two tiered model for around $25 and the three tiered model for around $40. You will receive a limited lifetime warranty with the purchase of any one of these models.

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Shoe Rack Bench

A shoe rack bench offers a place to store your shoes, as well as a place to sit down so that you can put them on comfortably. That way, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of balancing when trying to put them on while standing. This can be especially annoying when trying to slip on dress shoes. So no more hopping on one leg or straining your back!

Here is a superbly made shoe rack bench by Cross Country Furniture.

It’s made out of solid wood to ensure a strong and durable construction. This is not another run of the mill model made out of cheap compressed fiberboard or brittle particle board, which you often find a lot at major chains. The Cross Country Furniture shoe rack bench can easily take two people sitting on it at the same time, which is well over two hundred pounds bearing down on it.

This is the perfect shoe rack organizer to place right next to your door, in the hallway or foyer. It makes things much more convenient. Household members and guests can place their shoes here right before entering the living room, which is especially helpful if there are kids who like to play outside and get dirty on rainy days when shoes attract a lot of mud and sludge. The bench is slatted to allow adequate air flow so shoes can dry quicker. Plus this shoe rack bench helps improve the decor of your home as the dark stained wood adds a touch of elegance.

This shoe rack bench measures 35-3/8 (L) x 13 (W) x 18 (H) inches, so it’s a small yet practical bench that can fit into the majority of entryways. Some customers opted to buy more than one unit to either store more shoes or just to fill up space and create symmetry. You can store six to eight pairs of shoes across two tiers. Most customers who bought this shoe rack bench said they were able to store ten to twelve pairs of shoes when using the additional space between the floor and the bottom tier. Some customers expressed their concerns about not being able to fit boots, but were able to find a work around by sliding them in sideways, as there is about a five inch clearance between the tiers, which is ample space for most shoes. If you are willing to put a few extra minutes of handy work, you can drill additional holes in the legs so that you can affix the shelves (the unit is not pre assembled) to your desired position.

If you are interested in using the Cross Country Furniture Shoe Rack Bench, you can purchase it online for about $35 – $45.

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